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The St.Jude Primary School’s academic program challenges and inspires students to discover their passion and realize their potential. Our learning community is highly collaborative, real-world focused, and research-based.

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St.Jude P/S Admission

Your path to a collaborative, inclusive, progressive education begins here. The resources below will help you navigate the application process so that you can begin to imagine yourself at St.Jude PrimarySchool.

Creative and resourceful

St.Jude Kakooge Primary school teachers are known for their creativity and resourcefulness in designing engaging and interactive lessons. They employ various teaching strategies, incorporating hands-on activities, games, visual aids, and technology to make learning enjoyable and effective. Their ability to adapt to different learning styles ensures that all students can grasp the concepts effectively.

Strong classroom management

Effective primary school teachers maintain a well-managed and disciplined classroom environment. They establish clear expectations, rules, and routines, creating a structured atmosphere that allows students to focus on their studies. They have excellent communication and behavior management skills, resolving conflicts and promoting positive interactions among students.

Open Day 2024

Throughout the day, students receive their textbooks, timetables, and other essential materials. They embark on a journey of exploration, immersing themselves in subjects ranging from mathematics and science to literature and history. They eagerly flip through the pages, filled with curiosity and the promise of acquiring new knowledge.
Take a tour of St.Jude p/s and speak directly to current students to hear about what it’s like to live on campus.
Saturday, 26 January 2023
9am – 4pm

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